My web development tools

I am going to illustrate my web development kits which I use daily on my work.

Text Editor: Text editor is very important to me. I used to write code on Sublime text 2. However, now I move to Visual Studio Code. Its have thousand of extensions so that I can use it. For example, Live server, Sass Compiler, Live Share and Git.

Web Browser: I use Google Chrome as my default web browser. I love to edit code on its inspect element.

Communication tools: To communicate with others and clients I use Skype, Email, and Slack.

Version Control: To maintain a version control system I use Github and Bitbucket.

Server: I use XAMPP for local work as server. I work on Cpanel for online server work.

Graphic Tools: I can work almost all popular Design tools. Such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma.

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