Mouse events in Javascript

There is a lot of mouse events available in JavaScript. All events have different tasks. Here is a list of all mouse events in JS.

  1. Click – click event of js which work when mouse clicked on the mentioned area. the event name as – 'click'
  2. Doubleclick – Its work on double click on the mouse. the event named as 'dblclick'
  3. Mouse Down: when click on a particular element and stay a few second then its works. names as 'mousedown'
  4. Mouse up: after clicking on particular event and when mouse remove from it than it works. it named as : 'mouseup'
  5. Mouse Enter: it named as 'mouseenter' .
  6. Mouse Leave: its names as 'mouseleave' .
  7. Mouseover: its name as 'mouseover' .
  8. Mouse Out: its name as 'mouseout' .
  9. Mouse Move: when you move on mouse its work on that time. its name as 'mousemove' .

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